The Vale specialises in Companion
Dog Training and Behaviour and we
offer a variety of training and
behaviour services for owners of
dogs of all ages and abilities in the
Cleveland area.
Obedience training is one of the best
things you can do for your dog or
puppy....and yourself!
Having a partnership built on
communication builds both
understanding and trust. It is one of
the foundations that will enable a
mutually respectful, fun and
rewarding relationship to develop in
the future.
A trained dog is a happier dog living
with a happier owner. Reward-based
training methods, make training
possible for all the family.

A - Achieve
C - Canine
H - Happiness with
I - Instruction from
E - Experts at the
V - Vale centre of
E - Excellence

"My dog Lucy used to bark and spin
around in the air when she saw another
dog: even 500 yards away, with Kay's help
and guidance Lucy has improved
tremendously and now goes to Kay's Good
Dog Class" -
Karen with Lucy, Eston