I attend Kay's Good Dog Class and can really
recommend this group if you have a dog with
behavioural issues. I re homed a Border Collie who
brought with him a whole range of problems, being
highly reactive to lots of different noises and
movements, anxious and unpredictable in different
situations. Kay has increased my understanding of
Alfie's difficulties and my knowledge of how to bring
out the best in him. As Alfie's behaviour improves my
confidence in handling him grows too. Kay's
approaches are many and varied as she always adapts
things according to the needs of the dog, owner and
the group. The discussions around the individual dog's
behaviour and how to work to improve things provide
the owner with a range of techniques to practise when
not at class. The fact that the group meets and trains
outdoors is also helpful as it allows plenty of space in
which to work - vital if you have this sort of dog. An
added bonus to being part of this class is the chance to
meet with a group of friendly and supportive people
with whom to share the highs and the lows! This is not
a course for the faint-hearted, there are no "quick
fixes" but if you would welcome the opportunity to
work with someone who is fully committed to
improving the life of a dog (whatever the weather!)
then Kay's "Good Dog" class is the place to be.