Behaviour Solutions

I founded this to assist owners of dogs who are conscious of the fact that both they and their dog need help with the
dog's behaviour and future retraining.

Problem behaviour is anything that an owner considers to be unacceptable. Common issues include fearful or
aggressive behaviour, separation related problems, phobias, excessive barking and destructive chewing.
The consultation will take place usually at the owner's home where the dog is in his normal surroundings and
therefore behaving naturally. Dogs often act differently when outside their owner's environment, which often
subdues their natural inclinations therefore masking the behaviour that you may have to deal with on an everyday
basis. If appropriate to the problem and the situation then it could be beneficial if some training is undertaken in
your local walking area on the day that I meet you and your dog. This is I feel important at the beginning of your
programme so that you see how and why the methods actually work.

The initial consultation will last approximately 2 hours and my charges are by the session not the hour, so no need
to clock watch. During this time I will take a detailed history of the problem and the dog(s) involved. I use a holistic
approach, looking at your dog's lifestyle as a whole, addressing any issues which may be contributing to the
unacceptable behaviour, such as diet, training, exercise, routine and relationships. I then devise an acceptable
behaviour modification programme which is workable for you and your family. You will be shown how to implement
this training during the consultation, which may consist of just one or several stages.

Advice is given about how to manage the problem until the training techniques to adjust the problem behaviour start
to give you the required results. The reasons the training plan was chosen will be explained at this time. You will
also receive a report detailing the information given and the step by step methods we agreed would be used in
retraining your dog. This behaviour modification programme can take anything from a few days to several months
and may require only a little, or sometimes, a significant amount of work and commitment from you and your

I will advise that you book a veterinary examination for your dog even if YOU feel the dog is well or if there is a
suspicion that ill health may be underlying the dog's inappropriate behaviour. Involving your vet ensures that they
are satisfied that your pet's behaviour is not due to any underlying medical clinical problem, and that they are happy
for things to proceed on a behavioural basis. This will safeguard the welfare of all concerned.

Life has enough complications; your dog doesn't have to be one of them. If you would like to set up a meeting
please simply phone on
01642 891984. I will take a few details about the dog and check up on your actual
requirements, discuss the procedure and costs and if this is acceptable then set up an appointment which is
convenient for you and your family - this can be during the day, evening or weekend.

The Good Dog Behaviour & Training Course

Question: Do you have a dog that needs to chill out around other dogs?

The GOOD DOG CLASS is geared towards modifying what often appears to be dog to dog aggressive looking

This is a special class for dogs that are under socialized. Dogs that have either poor social skills or have
developed sensitivities towards the proximity of other dogs and therefore may have previously lunged or barked
to keep them away. They may be generally uncomfortable when around certain breeds, size or colour of dog
and may be having great difficulty focusing and listening to their owner at this time.

This is an outdoor obedience behavioural training class as we require far more room than an indoor training
class can safely offer. This is so that each individual dog can be moved away in a calm manner by its owner if it
feels frightened or threatened in any way and therefore increasing the likelihood of both dog and owner
remaining calm and relaxed throughout the lesson and achieving good positive training experiences.

The classes are kept deliberately small (groups of between two & four dogs with their respective owners), this is
so that all concerned can get the most from these informative training sessions. The training is geared towards
teaching your dog to be well mannered around other dogs and people. Throughout this 5 week training course
owners will be encouraged to read the dog's body language and communication signals. Part of the course
includes setting up every day scenarios where problems might occur in the future, but in a controlled safe
environment thus helping the owner deal or prevent situations unfolding in everyday life. This skill once
accomplished will enrich the relationship between owner and dog.

The owner has the choice whether or not to come along for training, but the most important aspect is not
necessarily the dog, but how committed you are to deal with your dogs issues. I would like to make it clear that
there is no quick fix - it will take as long as it takes.
Please note that dogs will only be integrated into group training activities when they are behaviourally ready to
do. So for more information on how you can prepare to do this please return to the Behaviour Tab.

If you feel that you would like me to discuss or just gain more information about this course then pick up the
01642 891984 for an informal chat about your pet dog today.