Junior (Adolescence) Classes

These classes are aimed at dogs usually between 5months and 10 months as this age can be a challenging
period for some owners. The age which your dog will begin and end adolescence will vary according to the
breed, the bloodline and the individual dog, but many people are shocked by the sheer speed of transition from
puppy-hood to adolescence.

If you got your young dog as a puppy and provided good training, you have an advantage when adolescence
arrives but your work is not done. The adolescent dog needs training experiences that the puppy was not ready
for. The adolescent dog has questions that didn't occur to the puppy when he was younger.

So what can you do when it seems as if all your hard work with your puppy has gone out the window and you
feel that you are left with a teenage delinquent? Many dogs go through this stage in their development, when it
starts and how long it lasts is individual, but coming together with other dog owners in a class such as our junior
dog group, gives the reassurance that you are not alone in your problem. It also gives you the tools to come
out the other side of this period with a mature, well-balanced and well-behaved canine companion, although
there may be many times when you wonder if this will ever happen!

If you have adopted or offered an adolescent dog a home, then time is of the essence. I do understand that it is
not an easy time to start with this dog, but if you practise good training/handling, then with time, and patience,
then this just might turn into the best dog you've ever had. So put the past where it belongs and start looking to
the future.

The main aim of the Junior puppy class is to help you train your dog and to give you a better understanding of
your dog's mind (your dog's temperament will still be open to shaping during this time, but the right handling for
your breed is important). I can advise, support and help the owner overcome problems that may crop up, but
only if the dog is brought to class. It is a basic five week training course, each lesson is for one hour, which
includes written information and homework which will remind you to practise the exercises taught in class both
at home and when exercising your dog.

To a certain extent each course is tailored to suit the dogs and their owners in that group, but
some of the topics which I always cover are:

" Gaining your junior dog's attention
" Basic training- sit, stand, and down,
" Recall with distractions
" Walking on loose lead
" Meeting people calmly
" The "Settle Down" exercise

Stress free training for dog and handler