Private One-to-One Training

One to one lessons can be booked Monday through to Sunday, Daytime or Evening and usually last one hour.
(This will depend on the age and capabilities of the dog) Each session or block of lessons can be held weekly or
fortnightly these will be tailor made exclusively to each dog and owner, based on what YOU want from your dog.
Alternatively, a home visit can cover general guidance for those who have just acquired a new puppy or a
rescue dog I would be happy to help, support and advise you if you feel that this could be helpful. Please
01642 891984 if you feel you and the dog could benefit from ANY of the service on offer on this


There are many benefits to private lessons which include
- Lessons are structured to suit the individual needs of your dog
- You will have full attention of a trainer for 1 hour
- Appointments can be made to fit in around your schedule
- Help for those who have mobility or travelling difficulties
- Child minding can be a problem for some people on a evening
- Both you and your dog learn at your own pace
- Your dog can concentrate on learning in an environment he/she is comfortable in, where there are
fewer distractions
- Ideal if you yourself are uncomfortable about participating in a class environment
- Some dogs can become over excitable in a training venue
- All family members can be involved at the same time
- Ideal if you want to speed up the learning process in your dog. Many owners begin with private lessons and
enrol in classes shortly thereafter

The following Training behaviours can be resolved through some One-to-One Training

- Pulling on lead
- Not coming back when called
- Jumping up at visitors
- Stealing objects/food
- Attention seeking
- Escaping from the front door
- Going on the furniture
- Inappropriate toileting
-Submissive urination
- Puppy play biting
- Basic commands Sit, Lie down, Stay, Leave, Drop etc
- Advanced commands: distance control, emergency stop, send to bed etc