Puppy Socialisation & Training Sessions

At the Vale we are passionate about the importance of starting your new puppy out on the right track by giving
sound behavioural advice, good early socialisation and a careful structured approach to the early learning and
training which helps your puppy to become a well adjusted and happy adult dog.

We provide special Puppy Training with Socialisation for puppies
between 10 - 18 weeks where they can learn
in a safe and friendly environment.
These are held over Five sessions on a weekly basis, and last one
. All our classes are limited to eight puppies. This class is lead by Kay Richardson with the minimum of two
experienced training assistants on hand to ensure that each individual owner and puppy enjoy their time with us.
Puppy School should be the high spot of your week!

By starting training early you will ensure that your puppy develops good habits. Plus, early training helps
prevent bad ones from ever starting in the first place. Our classes advocate simple, educational, and effective
teaching reward based methods that will help your puppy become an obedient, happy, well balanced and good
mannered member of the family. "The play sessions are managed" as it is not my policy to simply let puppies
off lead to play and let them "get on with it".

If, for example, you have a shy puppy, you will be shown how to gently introduce your puppy to new
experiences to build his or her confidence, or if you have a puppy that seems very excitable around others you
will be shown how to deal with this effectively to prevent problems in the future.

Because dogs come in all shapes and sizes and have very different play styles, exposure to each other at an
early age (before 16 weeks) is crucial. Small and large breed Puppies must learn how to interact safely and
respectfully with appropriate greetings so that they can simply get along.

Puppy Training comprises the following:

- Socialisation and fun in a relaxed, spacious and safe training facility
- Instruction in the needs and early development of puppies
- Handling - by owners and strangers
- How to manage play biting / mouthing
- Preventing jumping up when excited
- Basic leash control without pressure or stress.
- Gaining attention and then teaching the Sit and Down
- The recall - how to teach the puppy to want to return
- To stand or sit quietly while other people and dogs are approaching
- Essential play skills - taking toys politely and giving them up
- House training and responsible ownership
- Prevention or early identification unwanted behaviour.

Your puppy will love coming along to their learning zone!