Hi my name is Jill and I have a Patterdale Terrier
called Socks, she is six years old. When I got
her she had been very badly treated. When we
went for our walks together all she did was bark
and go for other dogs all the time, and when
she did this people used to shout at us or they
would cross the road. We went to see other
trainers, but nothing worked. Then I found out
about Kay and she came to my house and she
showed me what to do when I took Socks for
her walks. We decided to start going to Kay's
Good Dog Behaviour classes with dogs like
Socks. Now she is coming on well, and people
say how well trained she is! So not only has Kay
trained Socks but she has taught me too and
now I'm not nervous if she does ever forgets
herself and kicks off as I now know what to do!
I have made lots of friends and so has Socks
Thanks to Kay.