Welcome to the World of Dog Ownership

The Vale: a friendly place to train your dog

The Vale Good Companion DTS was established by Kay Richardson in January 1999 with the goal of
providing positive dog and people training for owners based in the Cleveland area.
By provide essential socialisation and training classes for dogs and puppies. We welcome all breeds and ages
of both pet and working dogs. Classes are as small as reasonably possible with approximately eight dogs at
a time, so that we are able to tailor our classes to meet your individual requirements. Kay leads every
course and she has two experienced training assistants on hand to help. This ensures that each individual
owner and their dog enjoy a high quality learning experience. You can be assured that that you will be
guided by Kay herself as your familiar head instructor throughout your whole time "from puppy through
advanced level" if you choose to spend time with us training your dog.

On each training course owners are offered accompanying handouts detailing the lesson syllabus and giving
information on the exercises covered each evening. These act as a reminder of what has been covered in
class and how to practice at home.
Telephone and e-mail support is also provided as and when
. Family members are all encouraged whenever possible to attend and, if happy to do so,
participate during certain parts of the training sessions. All the courses are run for a period of
Five Weeks
and each class you attend will last for 1 Hour.

Classes can be an excellent way to train your puppy or dog to get him or her used to responding to you
whilst in a distracting, but controlled calm environment. Obedience training is one of the best things you can
do for your dog or puppy... and yourself. It opens up a line of communication between you and the dog. A
trained dog is a joy to live with and to take out in public, so consider joining us at The Vale if you would like
to spend time teaching your dog to be a well mannered dog with other likeminded people and their dogs. We
do try to make our training classes as relaxed, fun and informative as we possibly can and we pride
ourselves on being very friendly and approachable at all times.

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